Oh for the Wings of an Eagle!


 In 1997, I wished there was a way for me to soar over the treacherous cancer valley.


Today, I give thanks that everytime I tried to fly and failed, God was always there to catch me on His outstretched wings. He renewed my strength, and carried on with the flying lessons.


This goal of this site is to inspire and encourage you, not to offer medical advice. Please make yourself at home, and I pray you will experience God's peace and strength as you seek to rise and soar across the cancer valley.

Shirley Corder offers inspiration and encouragement to any who are negotiating the Cancer Valley, whether as patients or as people who care. (Click on the BLOG icon for the most recent posts.) 
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posted: 29 June 2014
by Shirley Corder
posted: 17 May 2014
by Shirley Corder
You don't attend Church? You're not even sure you believe in God? And now you have cancer. Here's a prayer for you.
posted: 17 May 2014
by Shirley Corder
So you have cancer. But you're a Christian. Surely you shouldn't be depressed? Read more about this inevitable loop in the cancer roller coaster.
posted: 7 May 2014
by anonymous
What CAN'T it do?
posted: 19 April 2014
by Shirley Corder
Build up your immunity. Increase your energy. Enjoy a refreshing and healthy drink. A selection of tips and recipes on juicing.
posted: 18 April 2014
by Shirley Corder
What should I do when my friend doesn't agree with my treatment regime?
posted: 6 April 2014
by Shirley Corder
And they seem to be all around me.

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